Last updated Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Karina brought her friend Alana over for a photo sitting in July, 2000.  Here are a couple of pictures of Alana's torso.


Front     Back


FrontAlana came over for a rare (for me) erotic sitting with Karina.  We definitely did some "R" (and more) rated stuff, which are not on display in these public galleries.  

That first sitting with Alana & Karina was from July.  The erotic photos on the secret pages are good.  Karina & Alana were very pleased with them, but I thought we could do better, so I invited these two beauties over again for another sitting in August.  The problem with the first sitting was that I used a lot of side lighting, which meant that one model was well lit while another was in shadow.  For the August sitting, I used some more direct lighting, which lit both models well.  Here are a couple more pictures of Alana from the August sitting:

Alana (August, 2000)   Alana with Karina (August, 2000)

Karina & Alana are available for fine-art, fetish, and/or erotic modeling.  They work very well together.

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