Page 1, last updated Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Here is a collection of photographs of a new model for me, Barbara.  Barbara is a full-time model with her own website (that is definitely worth visiting).  She has done excellent work with several talented photographers.


Barbara is an absolutely wonderful model.  As I've stated in my FAQ page, experienced models are terrific and well worth their fees.  Barbara is obviously very beautiful with a wonderful figure, smooth & clear skin, and a beautiful & expressive face.  Barbara's experience shows in the grace of her posing -- she is constantly showing you new moves & angles (& curves).

Barbara is an artist in her own right, and she brings a great deal of understanding to the process.


Terrific skin.  Terrific figure.


Every time I work with a model for the first time, I assume the major objective of the sitting is to get acquainted with the model.  That's why you don't see a wide variety of set-ups here.  As we went along, I made subtle changes to the lights, but for the most part, we didn't try anything radical.

But Barbara & I are talking, and we think there is a congruence of schedules in mid-April for our busy schedules.  Look for more pictures this spring.



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