Last updated Tuesday, November 12, 2013

By coincidence, I got an e-mail suggestion to make some portraits of the visiting models just as I was thinking about asking Barbara to let me attempt some nude portraits.  The pictures on this page are the result -- with minor changes to the lighting, Barbara & I make portraits.  

I think posing for pictures like this was very generous of Barbara.  Here there is no performance nor is there posing.  Here there is just light, eye contact, and conversation.  Several models would be uncomfortable with these kinds of picture, but Barbara was confident, comfortable, and natural.

Here's my favorite tip for people making portraits -- make sure that the person looks engaged, that the person looks like they are thinking about something.  Doing that is simple -- carry on a conversation.


So, what did we talk about?  Well, that's between her & me.

Someday, I'm going to write a three-act play, and each act would be a photography session.  I want to do this because I find what gets discussed during a sitting very interesting (and not what most people expect).

The final lighting set-up is documented in the next page, 

Sensuous Shadows.


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