Last updated Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The second set up for this third sitting with Barbara is all about hands.  Hands are the second most expressive part of a body.  The idea here was to follow Barbara's hands as they move around her body.  We used simple, soft lighting to highlight Barbara's radiant skin.



One of Barbara's assignments for this sitting was to bring something meaningful to hold.  You see one of her choices in the image on the left.  Barbara is an artist in her own right, and she is holding something she created out of found materials -- a rusted piece of metal, some small rocks, and some wire.  I love the crumbly texture of the metal against the smooth texture of the rocks.  Give it some directional lighting, and that's a fine piece of art.  

On the right, Barbara holds a river stone from my back yard.  It is a contrast to her art piece -- the river stone is unrefined & basic.  I like both in contrast to her smooth skin.  I'm not sure I like these pictures together, but I like each of these similar images.

Here's an example of what a good model can do.  We made the image on the left first.  As we worked, Barbara understood the concept of these images.  When we got to making the image on the right, Barbara enhanced the concept by showing me some poses consistent with the objectives.  She reached her right hand behind her and allowed me a peek at her fingers on the inside of her left elbow.  It is a subtle thing, but this is what an experienced model can do -- working within the concept, Barbara was able to extend the idea & show me more.


You know, a technique I use for doing portraits is giving subject something to hold in their hands.  It does wonders in settling people down.  

Barbara & I made a few exposures of her holding this luckiest of rocks.  

We put down the stone.

I don't photograph backs as much as I should.  Backs can be lovely.  

The funny thing about photographing nudes is this -- most people will look at images like this & see someone's back.  I (as a photographer) look at the light.  Photography is all about light -- where it comes from, where it is reflected, where the shadows fall, etc.  That's what I like about this image.

More back.  More light.  


Barbara Sitting

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