Last updated Tuesday, November 12, 2013

cam17.jpgThis is Cameron, a young model, actress, singer, waitress based in the Los Angles area.

Message to fellow photographers:  you have got to get yourself a web site to display your work.  I know it means a lot of work, but a web site has lots of advantages:

  • It'll force you to look at your pictures and select the ones you like.
  • And by doing so, you'll think about your pictures and after a while, you'll see that they'll improve.
  • You get encouragements, because people who don't like your photographs tend not to bother writing you (or at least that's how it works with me).
  • It'll show potential models what kind of work you do.
  • And it'll give models confidence that you are legitimate.

Cameron came across my web site, and since she was traveling through this area, she dropped me a line & asked if I'd be interested in working together.  One look at her web site, and I was very interested, indeed.

I should also point out that models know & talk with each other.  Cameron has worked with Barbara, and seeing that Barbara has worked with me multiple times contributed to her interest in working with me.  Treat models well, and the word gets around.

So get thee a web site!  And when you do, send me your URL, especially if you work with nudes (use the Contact Looknsee link here or at the bottom of each page).


cam03.jpg   cam02.jpg   cam01.jpg


cam12.jpgWhen I work with a model for the first time, I tend to keep things simple.  I've seen photographs of Cameron, but usually they don't give you the sense of how the model moves & carries herself, so the first sitting is for getting acquainted.

So, I've been wanting to try to develop this kind of lighting technique, where there are shadows on both edges of the figure.  This is accomplished with a single hard light source directly above the camera position and slightly closer to the model.  To add a little interest, I put a second hard light directly behind the model, pointed at the back wall.  

Cameron stretched her lean figure, and viola!!  The shadows of her arms on the wall are an unexpected bonus.

What do you think?

Here are a few more, using that same lighting.


cam14.jpg   cam11.jpg

cam10.jpg   cam15.jpg


cam16.jpgI'm a little surprised that this lighting worked so well on Cameron's face, too.  I always avoided harsh lighting on the face, but if the light is positioned just so, it can work.  So -- I have some more to think about and experiment with.

Cameron is a wonderful model.  Her skin glows, and her figure is natural, streamlined, unpierced, & unstained.  Cameron is flexible & moves with grace.  Her mixed heritage gives her an unique exotic look.

The whole idea of this image is "less is more"   More and more, I'm enjoying images that are simple in concept, like this one.  I find these stimulating.


cam07.jpg   cam06.jpg

I couldn't decide which of these two images to include on the web site.  I like the one on the left because it gives us a peek at Cameron's face and because I like the barest touch of light on her breast.  I like the one on the right because it is anonymous, emphasizes her slim waist, and hides her breast. Both show Cameron's great legs.

cam04.jpgI just had to ask Cameron to turn around.

If you have read my other pages, you'll know that I've been thinking about what makes a model look "nude".  It's hard to explain, but maybe I've been photographing nudes too much, or maybe I'm getting older, but I'm getting used to seeing beautiful women without clothing.  Boy, I'd hate to get casual about nudity.  But, you've got to be "professional"; after all, I'm trying to produce good art, and that's got to be exciting.

So, lately, I've been thinking -- what makes some unclothed women seem more nude that the others.


I've also noticed that I've got lots of pictures of models standing in front of my camera.  With this sitting with Cameron, I wanted to get some exposures of this lovely model sitting & lying down.  These final two pictures are just about my favorites from this sitting:






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