Updated November 12, 2013

Karina and Alana return for a sitting in December, 2000.  


hk12-01.jpg We start with a simple concept.  Alana is a bit taller than Karina.  I had them hug each other, with Alana's arms around Karina's neck and with Karina's hands lower down.  I figured that I'd get close, allowing Alana's arm to frame the top of the image and Karina's hands framing the bottom.

The lighting was simple -- a harsh light just above the camera, with another harsh light behind the models pointed at the back wall.  It is an especial challenge lighting two people at the same time, and I specifically wanted to try this lighting when I asked these two women over.      





Here are some more images from this first set-up.

hk12-04.jpg     hk12-05.jpg


Karina & Alana are good friends.  They are comfortable doing some erotic posing with each other.  Most of these I'll put on a new secret page, but I think I'll include a few here.

hk12-03.jpg     hk12-08.jpg


This is, by far, my favorite picture from this sitting.  I love the confusion of muscles & hands & light & shadow, all combined with the intimate feeling of the pose and the expressions on the models' faces.  Everything in this image is working well.


Here are a few more, mildly erotic, pictures from this sitting.

hk12-21c.jpg     hk12-24c.jpg


Karina & Alana are available for fine-art, fetish, and erotic modeling (serious, paid inquiries, only, please).  As you can see, they work really well together.  They are located in the San Francisco Bay area and can be available for travel with expenses paid.  Feel free to Contact Looknsee if you are interested in hiring these two beautiful ladies.  



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