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During the sitting with Tracy and during the December sitting, Karina & I experimented with handcuffs.  On the December sitting page, I speculated that Karina might enjoy a little light bondage.  When I saw Karina in April, she said, "you know, I really do like it".  That was all the inspiration we needed for our sitting May.  A quick visit to the friendly, neighborhood fetish store, and we were set.

Just for a change of pace, I've digitally applied some sepia toning to the pictures on this page.  What do you think?



Karina is beautiful and adventurous, and she enjoys erotic posing.  There are some more extreme erotic pictures on her secret page.  Although I enjoy the occasional erotic theme, I have to admit that I'm not always comfortable with making such pictures.  But when I think about it, that's how I got started doing nudes in the first place -- I felt nude photography would be a challenge because it did (at first) make me uncomfortable.  So, now I'm thinking that since I have access to a talented & willing model in Karina, I should extend myself in this area.  My assessment -- well, let's just say I want to do better -- these aren't bad, but I want better.

Note to others -- the best method for improving your ability & technique is to stretch outside your comfort zone.  You don't have to range far from your zone, just a little bit each time will do it.  Don't be satisfied with attempting to repeat past successes -- try some new stuff as you go.




Opinions on digital versus traditional photography can make religious wars seem friendly.  I remember seeing a digital evangelist in a newsgroup challenge people to go to his website and tell him which pictures were digital and which were traditional.  "Silly person," I thought, "all pictures on your website are digital.  Some might have started life on film & paper, but these were digitized before you put them on your website."

For the record, I use a 6x7 camera, Tri-X film, and Ilford paper; I'm also an advocate of Phil Davis' Beyond the Zone System..  I spend ~5 or 6 hours in the darkroom for every hour in the studio.  And for me, the measure of a picture isn't how it looks on the website (I admit that I scan my "work prints" for this site) -- the measure of the quality of a picture is how it looks on the wall.

I say that because I didn't do a good job in determining the exposure for the following pictures, but with some PC software, I was able to compensate quite a bit -- these would be difficult for me to print to my satisfaction.  But with digital, I can still make decent images (and apply sepia toning) from non-optimal negatives.








Finally, these last three pictures are my favorites from this sitting.




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