Sometimes inspiration is easy.  I was visiting my favorite crafts store -- the Real Mother Goose in Portland, Oregon. This isn't just any craft store -- it's more of a fine art craft store, with absolutely gorgeous art glass, hand made furniture, wooden boxes, terrific pottery, etc.  They also have a hand-made clothing area, and as I was walking through it, I saw this string thingy, and I immediately wondered what it would look like on an otherwise nude woman. (I think about nude woman a lot -- occupational hazard, I guess).  So, I bought it, and asked Karina to model it for me.






I haven't got it right quite yet.  The string thingy is iridescent, and I haven't been able to capture that property quite yet.

So, I resolve to devote a few exposure of the next few sittings to working with this string thingy, and I'll update this page with additional pictures.


Barbara tries on the string thing.

bc4str01.jpg   bc4str02.jpg

And here are some pictures of Heather in the string thing.

hf002.jpg   hf003.jpg



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