tat01.jpgThis is Tatyana, a model from the Ukraine by way of Seattle.

I first found out about Tatyana from a visitor to this web site who sent me Tatyana's web site URL.  (I love it when people drop me a line, and I especially like it when visitors share sites, models, and pictures). After our sitting, I notice that Tatyana also has a few pages at artmodel.com.  When she came through town, she worked with lots of the local photographers, including Brian Peterson.  Tatyana appears in this Brian Peterson gallery.  I should also point out that Karina e-mailed me about Tatyana's pending trip to this area -- take note:  many of these models know each other and compare notes.  Once you get to know a few models, word gets around about you -- it's up to you to make sure that the word that gets around is good.  Models compare notes all the time.

Before I share the images Tatyana & I made, I want to encourage you to view the references and sites listed above.  That way, I can share some of the thought processes I go through when thinking about hiring a model for the first time.

So, after reviewing Tatyana's sites & works, ask yourself some questions:

  • Would you want to hire this model?

  • What do you see when you look at this model's photographs?  What features interest and/or inspire you?

  • What sort of pictures would you want to make with this model?

  • How would you light these pictures?

  • How do you contact this model -- what information does she need to determine whether she would want to work with you?

  • How do you communicate the concepts you want to try?

Believe me -- finding & negotiating with models is one of the more difficult aspects of nude photography.  I consider it a substantial part of the creative process.  A few points:

  • I've said it before -- having an extensive web site helps a lot.  It shows a model the kinds of photographs you make, and it also shows a prospective model that you've successfully worked with others in the past.  I think it is especially helpful for a model to see that I've had multiple sessions of models, indicating that these models were happy enough to come back.  Finally, sometimes a model will see someone she knows, which will also give the potential model confidence.

  • One advantage to experienced & professional models is that they typically have many more positive experiences than bad.  They get a sense for selecting photographers, and being an experienced (albeit amateur) photographer helps.

So, meditate on these issues, then feel free to look at our images on ...

Tatyana's Second Page



(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated)