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Sitting date:  September 8, 2006

My favorite nomad, Betcee, returns for her fourth visit.  Betcee doesn't stay in one spot for long -- rather, she travels, models, and explores.  Fortunately, she has family in this area & can be counted on to visit every once in a while, and when she does, she graces me with her wonderful presence. 
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I've been photographing traveling models a bit lately.  Traveling models tend to be skilled & easy to work with -- they can be gobs of fun.  Betcee is a great example of that -- whenever she's in town, I want to grab the opportunity to work with her again.  Still, there often is a downside -- you don't get to see them very often, and for me, without that regular contact, it's tough to get momentum, to build upon what we've done before.

Still, it was a joy to see Betcee again, and we made some wonderful pictures.  So, when Betcee travels to your town, be sure to try to hire her -- she is terrific. 


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Betcee #4 Out Takes

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