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During Justine's previous visit, we devoted the last few exposures to some more erotic images, available at her pages in the secret galleries.  We enjoyed making these images (at least, I did).   Afterwards, when we started talking about another sitting, we went through a series of ever escalating challenges & dares:  
  • Last Summer, Justine expressed a willingness to do a girl-girl sitting.
  • At that time, I wasn't ready for that, but after our previous sitting, I brought it up.
  • Since we had originally talked, Justine became involved with a new boyfriend.
  • She wasn't sure that he would be comfortable with her doing a girl-girl sitting.
  • I suggested that perhaps he'd be interested in posing with her.
  • He was.
  • They asked how far I wanted them to go.
  • I said, as far as they were comfortable -- I didn't want to be the one to be the limiting factor.
  • Someone (I forget who) suggested a mild bondage element.

Be forewarned:  most of these images are too erotic for the galleries open to the public, but some are available on some secret galleries.  Here we go:














This sitting was extra long -- a typical sitting lasts long enough to expose 10 rolls of film, but this particular sitting lasted for 16 rolls.

Yet, about halfway through the first roll of film, the posing became too explicit for these general-access galleries.  Some of these images will appear in some secret gallery pages.

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