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Sitting date:  June 17, 2005


When I lived in the San Francisco Bay area, I noticed that the local models all talked to each other, but the photographers tended to keep to themselves.  When I moved up here to Portland, Oregon, I noticed the opposite -- the photographers all knew each other, but the models tended to keep to themselves.

I've been striving to build a little artistic community here in Portland.  To that end, I hosted a party for local models & photographers last March (50 folks showed up), I've created e-mail distribution lists, a local resources web page, and have encouraged communication all around.

Recently, I proposed a collaboration with one of the local photographers, Lucian Schmit.  Lucian is an established fine-art photographer in the area, and he knows lots of interesting locations.  He was interested in working with Kira, so I proposed that the two of us work with her together; he provided the location & I chose the model.  Kira agreed to pose for us.

See Lucian's images of Kira from this sitting here!


A different kind of sitting deserves a different presentation.  What do you guys think of the new page format? 


Originally, we had planned to take an hour's ride out into a secluded landscape, but the weather wasn't cooperating.  The model's comfort has always been important to me, and it was just too cold for me to think that any model would be happy.

Lucian came up with an alternate location -- a run down house in NW Portland.  It is a turn of the (20th) century building that has seen better days, but its rough state was part of its charm.  It has large windows, letting in a good amount of wonderful light from multiple angles.




This house was fantastic!  All three of us were excited to work there immediately.  The light was great, the decor was funky & interesting, and the chemistry between us all was right.


A couple of initial thoughts:
  • Sittings with multiple photographers per model can be overwhelming to the model, but we were able to avoid problems.  Lucian & I are both experienced (as is Kira), and we were patient & generous with each other.  In other words, we were able to share, and we didn't overwhelm our model.
  • The entire experience was exciting for all of us, making the sitting fun for all.
  • We weren't ambitious (at least, I wasn't).  We didn't know what to expect, and we planned a short sitting (e.g. fewer exposures, less time).  That was a good thing, too.




Kira has a world class back.  I especially love the area where he shoulders join her neck, but I figured I'd show you the whole package.  She has a great waist, wonderful proportions, nice shoulder blades, cute dimples, and a nice butt.  

Enjoy.  I know that I do.


Here's a definite favorite from this sitting.  Using natural light indoors is always a challenge -- although the light might be interesting, it is often dim.  A sturdy tripod is essential.

I decided to go with the flow.  I configured my camera to use a shutter speed of or a second & told Kira to move.  She was wearing a lovely skirt, which flared out during her spinning.  You see the result.

My only regret -- I didn't make more exposures like this.  In fact, I only made two (and this one is the best) -- I'll include the other on the Out Takes page for this sitting. 

(Also, if you ever get the opportunity to photograph Kira, be sure to get her to move -- she'll be happy & you'll like the results).




The house is actually over a small store front, selling vintage women's clothing & accessories.  There were several rooms, each with its own unique charm.  

For some reason, we asked Kira to pose on her hands & knees at this particular spot on the floor.  Moving around, and the light looks radically different. 












I have to admit that I hand-held my digital camera, while my film camera was on its tripod, as always.  In retrospect, the digital camera should have been on a tripod, too, in order to avoid blurs like this one.

On the other hand, sometimes the blurring contributes to the "feel" on the image.  I find that I don't mind the occasional blur, at least in this case. 

(Lucian calls me the Movement King!)





We are bouncing back & forth through all the rooms upstairs.  

Here's Lucian taking a light reading. 




It is great that I'm breaking old habits.  I packed up all the photography equipment & took it on the road.  

I think it's great that we worked together, and I don't know why more photographers don't do this (share a model for a sitting).  We get to share expenses, share knowledge about models & locations, and expose ourselves to other styles.

More pictures from this sitting -- click here!

See Lucian's images of Kira from this sitting here!

I should mention that Kira likes the images on the Out Takes page the best.  I like these public images better.  Go figure.


(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

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Kira #4 Out Takes

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