Page created November 10, 2002

I've used the light from this particular window on two previous set-ups:  during Angela's visit (and the images shown on her "Window Light" page) and continued during Leona's second visit (and these images).  In fact, it all started started late last year, deep in the autumn season, when the light reached far across that wall, but I was still settling in at that time & didn't know any models who would come over & pose for pictures like these..  You'll note that the light hit almost straight down during Angela's session, and at a slight angle during Leona's second session.  The sun is now much lower in the southern sky.  

Leona is still fairly new to modeling, and I love her enthusiasm.  As part of her compensation, I offer her a few prints from each sitting, and I have to say that the portfolio she's building is looking very good.  After each session, she comes by to view the work prints & select the prints she wants, and we spend some time reviewing the pictures & talking about what we'd do differently & what we should do the next time.  When we met to review the pictures from her recent third sitting, we hoped for a sunny day (a rare thing in late October in Oregon), and scheduled her visit for a weekend.  We had actually rescheduled this visit, because the original day/time was cloudy.  We were in luck this day.  What follows are some images we created during a 30-minute window when the light was optimal (a typical sitting lasts about three hours).  It happened quickly; you may note the movement of the light on the wall.  It was tons of fun.  No fancy costumes, no elaborate make-up -- just a lovely, lovely woman & some interesting window light.  Enjoy.   

























This is a favorite.  I like how the shadow of her arm
outlines her breast.




 That picture, above right, is a favorite.  Here, below, is it redone.  Better?

cc3b24.jpg, redone








  I redid this one, above, too -- see?

cc3b31.jpg, redone




Assessment:  Okay, this wasn't exactly spontaneous, but it was close.  Like most situations, the original inspiration for this photographic set-up started with the lighting.  And this mini-sitting was easy -- Leona is easy & fun to work with, and we didn't try anything overly fancy -- we just let the sun do its thing.

I got to share a funny thing.  When Leona came by & looked at these pictures, she pointed out a mark on her ankle that was left by her socks.  I had to tell her that no one will be looking at her ankles.

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