Page created March 7, 2004

Like I said, Leona came over during a very rare, sunny day.  I invite her to pose on the back stairs, using the soft (indirect) Northern window light there.

I did almost everything right.  I carefully metered the light, I tested the metering with some exposures with the digital camera, and moved on to expose some film.  If only I had transferred the exposure reading to my film camera!  Hey, I'm human, and I was distracted!  These images are woefully unexposed.  I printed a few, just to see -- the prints are awful, but the magic of scanning produced these images, which are acceptable for a web site (but would be totally unacceptable for creating a quality image for hanging on the wall).








And here is one of the test images made with the digital camera.



There is a painting-like feel to this color image, isn't there?


It was great to reconnect with Leona -- we had been too busy to keep in touch.  And as always, it was a joy to work with her.  She makes me want to be a better photographer, and after all, what better thing can you say about a model?

(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

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