Page created April 2, 2004

Sometimes, when I'm looking for inspiration, I try to think of a sequence of images.  It's a great challenge -- in fact, if I were to give an assignment to beginning photographers, it would be this:  "Tell a story in a sequence of three images".  Try it & share your results. 















Originally, Lydia was going to bring a friend to help with the shirt cutting, but he couldn't make it.  I had to do the cutting myself.  During a session, I usually keep my distance from the model, and there is definitely no touching going on, but we had to make an exception in this case.  This was our fourth sitting together, we were comfortable with each other, so there wasn't any problem.

I've been using variations of this lighting a lot lately, simply because I like it a lot.  For me, it is unusual to see fetish themed photographs using artistic lighting -- frankly, most of the fetish photography I see is, well, let's say crudely lit.  I like the concept, and now that I've gotten my model naked, we continue.

This sitting continues with "Bound & Gagged"


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