Page created March 19, 2003

On March 3rd, 2003 (3/3/3), another new model, Corinne, stopped by for a first sitting.  Most "first sittings" have lots in common:

  • Typically, I've seen photographs of a potential model, but because every photographer differs in vision, style, and quality, I usually assume that I really don't know what a model looks like until I photographer her.

  • We are also going to find out whether we have chemistry together.  

  • Since we are strangers to each other, I usually have only one objective for a first sitting -- "getting acquainted".  We may try a few different lighting set-ups, but these are usually familiar & not elaborate.  It's difficult to devise a specific lighting plan for a model until after I've worked with her once.  I like to see how we interact & how the model moves & responds to me.

Corinne asks to meet me once before we work together -- she stopped by a few days previous to our sitting, and we looked over some of my work, talked about objectives, directions, and limits, negotiated a price & a Sitting date: , etc.  I also printed out my modeling FAQ for her to take home (she didn't have Internet access at this time).  I thought that was very sensible on her part.  Alternatively, several potential models have recently asked for references, and I'm happy to say that most models I've worked with were very happy to give me a glowing report.  But most models don't ask for references or an interview -- I don't know why models don't do that.  I think it makes a lot of sense, and helps put us both at ease before we start working together.


When Leilani visited me a few weeks ago, she was one of those models whom I meet just a few minutes before we start making pictures.  I showed her around, and offered her a towel & the bathroom for changing.  I like doing this to give the model a sense of security & privacy and to defer the "moment of truth" until I'm ready to make exposures.  Leilani wasn't having any of that -- her attitude was that I was going to see her without clothes in a moment, so she just shed her clothes & threw them in a corner, jumped onto the stool & was ready to go.  That was pretty cool, but I regret not being able to capture that transition from clothed to nude.  So, I ask Corinne to disrobe in front of the camera, and she was happy to comply.














Right off the back, I notice that I have the same quality problems that were plaguing me for the past few sittings (Leilani's & Leona's Bonus Pictures).  I think I've resolved those issues now (Leona & I redid some headshots, and these are much better), but Corinne's, Leilani's, and Leona's headshots are not up to my standards, and there's not much I could do about that.  But I'm not afraid to show my mistakes here -- please forgive the substandard quality & let's evaluate the chemistry between the model & me.

Here are some more pictures of Corinne from this sitting.


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