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Nicole's boyfriend, Robbie, wasn't moving from the couch --  he had pizza, beer, and the game in easy reach.  Nicole was left with her frustrated sense of adventure.  She got her girls together and went out for a night on the town.  At the edge of the "respectable" part of the waterfront, she heard a driving rock beat coming from a bar called, "The Lair".  Her friends shied away from the place, saying it looked too rough for them, but Nicole was drawn inside.

Immediately, her eyes fell on Shawndelle at the end of the bar.  Shawndelle met her glance with an unwavering stare, watching with mild amusement what Nicole would do next.  What Nicole did was to walk over to the end of the bar & ordered a stiff drink.  Nicole tried to strike up a conversation, starting with small talk, but Shawndelle  wasn't having any of it.  With an Eastern European accent, Shawndelle whispered, "Such a nice girl you are.  What you doing in a place like this?  You are here for an adventure, no?  You want adventure with me?"  Shawndelle's voice was low & liquid, matching the tinkle of her ice in her drink.

Nicole heard herself say "yes" and hardly believed her boldness.  With a fluid motion, Shawndelle  flowed off of her barstool and crooked a finger at Nicole.  Without a backwards glance, Shawndelle walked to a secluded door near the back of the bar.  When Nicole followed, she found a landing & a staircase leading down to a basement.  "You must put yourself in my hands, little one", and again, Nicole surprised herself by agreeing.

ns1001.jpgFrom a leather satchel behind the door, Shawndelle pulled out her paraphernalia.  "This blindfold will make you passive for me", and Shawndelle put the blindfold in place.  Nicole then felt a gentle kiss on the lips, and then she felt a finger trace her lips.  "This gag will make you silent for me; you must not speak.  You speak; we stop", and with a gentle touch, Shawndelle put a ball gag into Nicole's mouth.  "Such a beauty", crooned Shawndelle.  Nicole felt Shawndelle's cool fingers on her neck and arm, arranging her hair around the blindfold & gag.  Nicole felt a leather collar being placed around her neck and some leather cuffs on her wrists.  "These will make you obedient, my dear.  Now you must follow me", murmured Shawndelle.

Nicole's heart started to beat fast, and she felt compelled to comply.  She had never been dominated like this, and she was definitely experiencing a sexual thrill.  "It's not exactly cheating with another woman, is it?", she thought to herself.  At this point, Nicole was past caring.  Besides, she didn't have a choice at this point.  She was totally under her captor's control.

Shawndelle led her down the stairs to the bowels of the building.  There was a dizzying amount of turns.  Nicole wondered if this basement went on forever?  Being blindfolded, gagged, and cuffed, Nicole had to move slowly.  Soon, she was completely lost.  Down here, the distant music from the bar was highly distorted with only a bass beat coming through.  It sounded like the heartbeat of some giant running beast.  She nearly swooned when she is positioned against a post.



With her hands locked together above & behind her head, Nicole was effectively immobilized.  Shawndelle whispered in her ear, telling her that she is doing well.  She was so close, her breath tickled her ear.

ns1004.jpgAs a "reward", the blindfold was removed.  Nicole found herself in a brick walled basement filled with a musty smell & not much else.  In spots, the brick was crumbling, leaving piles of gritty dust in spots along the wall.  The far wall is lost in darkness.  She looked around, but was unable to determine how she got here.    



Nicole's eyes locked on her mistress, who then began to run her hands boldly over her body.  With her hands clamped behind her head & the post, Nicole was helpless to resist, but soon, she found herself welcoming the raven haired woman's touch.  To the extent that she could, she offered herself to her captor, pushing her body against the press of her hands.  Shawndelle smiled & moved closer, to a more intimate distance.    







When she felt a hand on her breast, Nicole closed her eyes.  She submitted to the touch and secretly hoped for more.  Nicole was prepared to give Shawndelle whatever she wants.




ns1009.jpgThat touch came in the form of an intimate kiss.  With agonizing slowness, Nicole's lips were traced with the tip of her commander's tongue.  She surrendered to the sensations.  Her knees went weak, but Shawndelle's strong hands held her up.  The kisses were deep, and Nicole found the gag to be frustrating.  She felt a deep thrill when Shawdelle's mouth covered hers.  She hoped the moment will never end. 












ns1015.jpgShe did not struggle to be freed.  IShe was kissing back, silently celebrating each bold touch.  At this point, she was willing to give Shawndelle whatever she wants.   

"You must remain silent, my sweet".  Nicole's ball gag was removed .  She licked her lips & swallowed.  She was lost in the delicious kisses, and she was obedient to all orders.  There was no one nearby, and the driving pulse of the distant dance music would drown out any cry for help.  Nicole didn't want any help, she wanted Shawndelle.  She wanted to be touched and stroked and kissed.  She closed her eyes and waited for the next thrilling intimate caress.

















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