Carlotta, 2nd Visit, January 2009

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Page created April 8, 2009
Sitting date: 
January 28, 2009

Carlotta returns to Portland, and I jump on the opportunity to work with her again.  This time, I schedule some time to work with her by myself, and I tried some little ideas.

In addition to my time with her, I set up a couple of "sittings" with her where she'd stay here at my house, and a couple of additional photographers would work with her right before and/or right after my exclusive time with her.  This way, she can pick up some short sessions without needed the commute time, and photographers can sign up for quick session (not being able to afford a full session).  I think this arrangement worked well for everyone, but I have to admit that I got tired more than usual.

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The World Melts Away

Presented here is something a little bit different:  an extended sequence without commentary.  Additional images from this setup & commentary are available on the second page of this sitting's collection. 



More Melted World

More images from the World Melts Away sequence, with commentary. 









Carlotta is a world-class traveling figure & glamour model, and I am very glad that she comes to town once a year or so.  She's had success here in Portland, so I am looking forward to return visits in the future.  


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Carlotta, Second Visit Out Takes

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