Jessica, 4th Visit, December 2007

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Page created March 5, 2008
Sitting date: 
December 2, 2007


It's enough when a model & I get together, that we have a little fun while treating each other with respect, and that we part ways feeling good about the images we made.  On occasion, there's exceptional chemistry that might extend to drinks or a meal after the sitting and an exchange of birthday greetings.  On rare occasions, the model & I become close friends.  Such is the case with Jessica.  I find that the close interpersonal relationship translates to more intimate & exceptional images.
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Photographing a close friend is a lot different than photographing an acquaintance/model.  I feel a lot more pressure to produce exceptional images when I photograph a friend.  Jessica challenges me -- she wants us to produce images that are unlike anything we've done before.  So, I take more risks and am less confident that I'll produce worthwhile images.  I don't know why I was worried -- we produced some wild & satisfying images.  Bonus:  our close relationship shows through in many of the images.

So, enjoy.

Sadly, soon after this sitting, Jessica decides to move to New York City to pursue fame & fortune there.  I will miss her.


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Jessica, Fourth Visit Out Takes

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