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Page created September 26, 2008
Sitting date:  June 16
, 2008



On certain days, at certain times, and during certain seasons, certain parts of my house get lovely natural light.  This day was one such day -- as I was running out of momentum with the light from my favorite window, I looked around the living room & found some lovely natural light hitting the big comfy chair.  I invited Floofie to cross the room & work there.



I like the simplicity of this image.  

Floofie has the kind of figure I most like photographing -- she is svelte & slim & fit.  I like photographing slim models for a lot of reasons:

  • Perhaps I like photographing them because their bodies are the opposite of mine:  I am hardly slim & fit & youthful & healthy.  (Just kidding).
  • I like that every shadow & every shape represents a component of the human architecture.  Each shape is a product of millions of years of evolution (or, if you are so inclined, of divine design).  Thus, every one of these photos is a photograph of humanity -- it is all of us.

While I do like this image, it's a little too simplistic for my tastes.  I am inspired to use this image as the basis of some artistic effects experiments:





As I look at these pictures, as I am drafting this page -- there's something a tiny bit "off" about these images.  The light is very good.  The compositions are fine.  Floofie's figure looks amazing, and we are finding ways to show it off well.  Still, there is something a little bland going on.  I'm going to attribute it to tis being our first sitting together.  First sittings are the toughest for me.  I can tell that the next time I work with Floofie, I'll want to find a way to make the sitting more exciting and to give Floofie an excuse to move more.



That's much more like it.  I'm a big fan on defined midsections, and Floofie's is exceptional. I like how this light highlights her overall fit figure, and I'm particularly please how she is framed by the green comfy chair.




I live in a lovely, large Victorian house that's nearly 120 years old -- the city has grown & has engulfed my house.  My neighbors are tall office & apartment buildings.  The street our front is moderately busy throughout the day.

Here, I made an exposure just as that red car was passing by.  I could have cropped or edited it out, but I decided not to.  Most of the people passing by probably never give my house a second look.  Some do, just because it's a lovely house, and it's unusual to see a freestanding house downtown.  None, however, have any idea about what's going on here in the living room.  (I've looked -- it's impossible to see into the house from the street -- there are screens on the windows, and they tend to block the view -- in addition, this living room is on the second floor; the angles are just wrong.

Hey you, in the car!  Look up here!  You are missing a lovely nude beauty!  But they never do stop & look.  Their loss.

Maybe I'm just weird, but I do think about stuff like that.  I walk by a building & I imagine unusual activities going on inside (often involving nude women).  If I'm not doing that, I'm imagining unusual & interesting factious history for the building.  Or I'm wondering whether I can get access to use the building for a nude photography session. 





I'd like to say that I'm applying these artistic effects because I'm inspired -- Floofie is a painter.  But the truth is that I like these artistic effects, and I think they are great fun to play around with.  Here is a "before & after" pair. 




When I engage a model to pose for me, I like to think up a few different concepts.  That way, I can be prepared, and I can give the model some advance notice about the kind of things we'd be working on.  I had in mind that Floofie & I would work primarily with my strobe lights while taking the occasional advantage of the natural window light.  As it turns out, I enjoyed & appreciated the natural window light so much that we used it a lot.

But being stubborn, we crossed to the other side of the living room & set up the strobes for a few images.  I had carried all that lighting equipment down to the living room -- that a bit of effort, and darn it all, we were going to use it. 







Floofie's figure is breathtaking.  I'm not a big fan of the light I crafted today, but this image, with Floofie leaning forward slightly & creating such interesting shadows, is very pleasing to me. 




The original & another artistic media variation of the above image is available in the Out Takes gallery.  The Out Take brush stroke variation is a sitting favorite.

(The Out Takes Galleries are available to those who have made a donation to the upkeep of this web site.  See this FAQ question for more details.) 







These lights under the strobes were okay, but the wonderful natural light beckoned to me.  We leave the strobe lights behind while I invite Floofie to help me search out good natural light throughout the house.

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All images (c) 2008 Looknsee Photography

Floofie, First Visit Out Takes

Over 150 more images from this sitting are available in the Out Takes Galleries, which are available to those who have made a donation to the upkeep of this web site.  See this FAQ question for more details.