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Page created September 26, 2008
Sitting date:  June 16
, 2008




Here's Floofie posing on that handmade table, under the skylight.  Enjoy it -- it's the only exposure we made here.  It's not the first time I abandoned a setup quickly, and in retrospect, perhaps a little too quickly.  It's a difficult challenge for a photographer -- the light on the top of her head is a bit blown out while the shadows at her hips & lower has dropped off significantly.  Also -- can you tell that this is a color image?

In fact, with that in mind, I return to another area that I worked at & abandoned too quickly.  Look at the last two images on this page from my sitting with Lynsey Joy.  These two images were made on the guest room bed.  I've got to admit that I'm not comfortable photographing models in a bed -- it's too intimate & usually too sexual.  But for many models, it's no big deal -- they are already nude, and being nude on top of a bed is not that significant of a difference.

A couple of notes:  there's a new building outside of that window now, one much closer & one that changes the light coming in that window.  Also, I think Floofie & I were working at a different time of day.



This kind of light is terrific for a defined & lovely figure like Floofie's.  Unlike the Lynsey Joy pictures, there's enough reflected front light to provide some detail in the shadows. I like how every subtle twist or stretch is highlighted.  I love the rolling lines of Floofie's figure.  Enjoy.



I ask Floofie to roll over, and the results are mixed.  Because of the narrowness of the window, the configuration of the room, the time of day, and other factors, Floofie's face is in shadow, but we do get a nice glimpse of Floofie's lovely butt.  I know that I don't photograph model's backs & butts much, primarily because my style involves engaging the model in conversation, and that's more difficult when the model is facing away.  It could work here, but the natural light isn't working.  

 But the studio photographer in me is not discouraged.  I'm already thinking about creating a similar setup using strobe lights for a future sitting with Floofie.  Meanwhile, cropping is your friend.





I can't tell you why the shadows here got enough light to provide some visual details.

Some pictures (commonly called "bodyscapes") fire my imagination.  I imagine myself being about one inch tall & that I'm climbing over the figure, exploring its curves & maybe sledding down its slopes.  This image does that for me.



I think Floofie likes the images of her lying on her belly, but I like the ones of her lying on her back.  I'm not much of a film maker, but if I was, I'd want to watch a loop of Floofie's belly as she lies there, breathing, and maybe laughing.  That's just so lovely to me.



The guest room is on the top floor (a finished attic) at the back of the house.  In the front of the house is my office, and there is an interesting little alcove with the window you see that faces north.  We finish our sitting here.

Throughout these images, you'll note that the light is constantly changing.  That's the challenge for natural light photographers -- they've got to react constantly to the changing light.


The image below:  I like it but it's a bit fuzzy (either out of focus or blurred).  What to do?  Well, it's still a candidate for the artistic effects variations.






To be honest, Floofie is touching the wall at my request.  While I find the shadows of her arm interesting, the pose itself is a tad forced & unnatural.  I soon abandon the "touching the wall" idea & allow Floofie to be Floofie. 






When I edited this particular image, I created a more closely cropped version, filling the image with just Floofie (the cropped version will likely be on the Out Takes page).  But I like this version better -- I like the sense of space.

I can tell that I'm running out of steam -- Floofie is wearing me out.  Also the light is changing & fading.  After a few more images, we call it a day. 




One last image from this sitting.  I absolutely love the pose -- so strong & powerful.  I don't like the lighting, especially how Floofie's right arm just disappears.  For this pose alone, I'm sure I'm going to want to get Floofie back over here for some studio photography.


Floofie has the kind of figure I love photographing -- svelte, slim, defined.  I like seeing the architecture of the human body.  That's not just about Floofie -- it's how we are all put together.  She is one of us, and we are amazing.  I look forward to working with her again.  I'm going to have to craft some special studio lighting to celebrate that figure!


(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

All images (c) 2008 Looknsee Photography

Floofie, First Visit Out Takes

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