In The Final Alcove

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Page created  January 28, 2013
Sitting date:  October 20, 2012


Okay, the session was both fun & frustrating.  Trishii is lovely, with a terrific figure and a lovely face.  The natural light situations were, at times, wonderful, but for the most part, the natural light was changing so rapidly that I couldn't keep up.  So, I eventually zeroed in on studio lighting.

I wanted to try something new (always a good thing), so I decided to utilize this little-used alcove in the back of the living room.  There is a tiny kitchen table that basically fills the space between a short wall with a little window and the bump-out for the elevator shaft.  I plopped Trishii onto the table.


The best studio lighting often looks simple, but studio lighting rarely is.  

Sometimes, if I'm at a loss for what to do, I play a little game and take one element of a photograph & do the opposite.  Lately, I've been enjoying my big honkin' soft box -- it produces lovely, soft window-like light.  Here, I chose one of my smaller soft boxes.

I have a habit of "de-constructing" the images I see, with special attention spent on trying to determine how the image was lit.  Look at the light on Trishii's face & neck -- it's a lot more distinct than the light created by the big soft box, but at the same time, the light isn't exactly harsh.  That tells me that a smaller soft box was used.  I like it on Trishii -- it emphasizes her cheek bones and gives a lovely shadow to her cleavage.









In recent sessions, I decided not to mix color & sepia images on a single web page, but for this session, I seem to have forgotten that.  Well, if you look at this color image, you'll see that the color palate is fairly restricted -- it's pink & tan & beige & brown -- no reds or greens or blues or purples.  So, it's almost a sepia toned image already.  But more to the point, the transition from sepia to color & back is not so jarring.   

Also, yay, we finally put away Trishii's lovely robe.



I'm including this picture because I don't like it as much as the others, and the "near misses" are more educational than the "hits".

Every photographer has their little "bugaboos", and this is an example of one of mine.  Look at the position of Trishii's legs, and in particular, her right thigh.  I don't like it when a limb points towards the camera lens like this -- it makes that limb look short & stubby.  These little posing preferences are easily corrected.




I look forward to Trishii's return.


(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

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Trishii, First Visit Out Takes

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