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Page created November 11, 2014
Sitting date: 
 December 21, 2013

I am a member of a modeling - photographer web site called Model Mayhem.  There members can communicate with each other, post portfolios, and generally participate in discussions.  One feature of "MM" is that a member can create lists of his favorite pictures.  I've created a short list of my favorite images of people kissing.

Sarah Ellis is a well known traveling model, and we've been trying to get together for a while, but to date, the planets just haven't aligned.  But we've kept in touch.  One day, Sarah sends me an e-mail commenting on my "kissing list", and she notes that she will be traveling through Portland with her boyfriend, David, and she volunteers the two of them for posing for some kissing pictures of our own.  Who am I to refuse such an offer?  After a few exchanges, we set up a quick session (our schedules couldn't schedule a full 3 hour session, but we felt we had plenty of time.  Let's see what we can do...




I note that I switch between sepia & color a lot for this session.  I'm not thrilled with the color images -- it seems to me that getting the color balance & exposure "right" is a lot more difficult -- B&W seems to be a lot more forgiving, and as an old-school photographers, I always appreciate B&W.





A few thoughts:

  • Having two people in the image provides additional cropping possibilities.

  • For sessions like this, hands are very expressive.

  • Sarah & David are intimate with each other; I don't feel I need to provide them with a lot of direction.  Sure, minor adjustments are welcome, but they know how to touch & please each other.

  • We all agree that Sarah sets our limits.  We are all happy with that.  Sarah is clear that we won't be doing anything explicit, and that's fine with me -- I tend to feel that the more explicit an image is, the less erotic it is.







Their lips gently brush.  There is no hurry -- their movement is languid, and they savor the sensations.  Each touch is a caress.

(Photographers are often challenged by very bright or very dark tones.  I am pleased that we are able to perceive shape & detail in Sarah's dark turtleneck top).




I like this picture.  We had decided early on that I liked the idea of David removing Sarah's clothes before they started on David's clothes -- I just thought that the idea of Sarah nude with David clothed to be erotic & exciting.  How they went about this was left up to them.  David's touch is intimate & gentle.  I like the composition.  I like the gesture of Sarah's right hand -- it is encouraging.  I decide to see how this image looks with an artistic effect.  

I've increased the abstraction associated with the "paint brush" artistic effect, and I like it.  It is still intimate, and the strong composition is still present.  I experiment with other artistic effect, including one I haven't used before:  "airbrush & ink".  I like this new effect quite a lot.



The touching becomes more sensual as Sarah's top is removed. 










Ever so gradually, Sarah's clothes are removed.  Each exposure of skin invites new touching. 

The couple has to be reminded to kiss.  That's reminded, not encouraged.  They are enthusiastic throughout.







The pair continues their sensuous dance, gradually remove each article of clothing, savoring the transitions.









Time to pay attention to David's attire.








Photographing multiple models is a challenge -- especially lighting both models evenly can be difficult.  Photographing lovers who are strangers to me is also a challenge, but I was immediately comfortable with Sarah & David.  However, I guess I tend to be conservative & "safe" when faced with these multiple challenges. 

I had always planned two different setups for Sarah & David -- studio lighting, to ensure good lighting for both models, and work in the shower.  The shower is a challenge itself -- the space is cramped, safety is a concern (keeping the electronics dry), and the steam automatically makes everything abstract.  One loses control in the steam room, and that's what we wanted.

Wet -- Getting Steamy


(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

All images (c) 2014 Looknsee Photography

Sarah, Kissing Session

Around 180 more images from this sitting are available in the Out Takes Galleries, which are available to those who have made a donation to the upkeep of this web site.  See this FAQ question for more details.