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Page created July 19, 2014
Sitting date: 
 May 21, 2013


I appear to be on hiatus.

It wasn't a conscious decision; it just happened.  But I do see that creativity (at least mine) is a very fragile thing, and anything that is distracting can send the urge to be creative far away.  On top of that, I've got to come to terms that I'm getting older & less interested in handling stress.  In my working days, I led extended teams of thousands on projects that were of vital importance to my employers.  Nowadays, I'm semi-retired & self-employed, and my stress level is significantly less, and this has been the case for over a dozen years.

But two "projects" around this time brought stress back to me.  These projects:

  1. With the Affordable Care Act, I had to find new insurance, a project that was full of anxiety due to normal health issues of an older person.
  2. Also, as an older person, I decided to undertake the terrifying process of forming an estate plan.

I won't bore you with the details of these "projects" -- these are, after all, personal & private.  But suffice to say that they were (and still are) distracting.


Below are some artistic variations to this image:








So, how do these distractions impact the photo-session.  Well, speaking for myself, my brain never shuts down, and the part that should be focused on the model is spending some time thinking about the projects.  For example:  to whom do I leave the copyrights to the images I'm making?  In general, new ideas have, for the most part, deserted me.  Hence, we start in the big comfy chair because it often has great light, but there's nothing new here.  And somehow, Tiana immediately starts in the nude, not in my usual "Getting Started" setup.



Yes, the picture to the left is a cropping of the image above.  I still enjoy cropping images, trying to reduce them to a pleasing composition while keeping the "essential" parts of the images.

I actually crop pretty much every picture.  I got in this habit from using my first camera, a Nikon S2 Rangefinder, which was about as old as I am.  Unlike modern SLRs (Single Lens Reflex), the viewfinder uses totally separate optics from the lens that recorded the image.  With this arrangement, the photographer is never sure exactly where the edges of an image lie, so to be safe, I learned to take a step back & include a little extra into each exposure, planning to crop the image in post processing (originally in the darkroom and eventually while editing photos on my computer).

Some times the cropping is radical, as in this example (above & to the left).  Other times the cropping is more subtle, as in the example below.  But it's a safe bet that all images you see here are cropped to some extent.


I like the cropped image.  It's one of those "nude & not nude" images -- clearly, Tiana does not have a single thread of clothing on, yet the viewer can't see any "naughty bits".  I find these kinds of images to be more interesting & stimulating.


The big comfy chair gets some of the best light in the house.  But, with all natural light setups, the light can change quickly.  In this case, the exposure shifted, which in turn shifted the color balance & saturation.  But using my good ol' sepia toning does save the image.  (I'll probably include the color version in the Out Takes pages).



I can tell that Tiana & I are not "connecting", and I blame my own distractions.  So, when things aren't exactly flowing, I fall back on some ideas.  One such idea:  "Near, far, left, right, up, down", which is a little litany I sing to myself to remind me to step back, move close, move around, and change perspective.  Hence, the images (especially the one above) which show off more of the living room than I usually do.




So, I feel that I'm struggling with the natural light by the big comfy chair, so we move across the room & work with the studio lighting.

Studio Shadows


(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

All images (c) 2014 Looknsee Photography

Tiana, Second Visit Out Takes

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