Studio Draped

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Page created September 20, 2014
Sitting date: 
 May 21, 2013


Okay -- the observant visitors will notice a significant gap in the creation of the previous page to this page.  I'll blame another distraction.  My sister & I own & manage my father's music publishing catalog, and I use an advanced & elaborate spreadsheet to calculate royalties for our writers & co-publishers.  As part of my estate planning, I was determined to do a major revision to this tool and to document how to use it, so that my sister could take it over if I'm not capable.  I've tried 3 or 4 times to document how to use the spreadsheet, and managing music royalties is very, very complex.  But I've been able to complete this major revision & documentation process.  (I also think that creating a good & usable spreadsheet is an unnamed art form, and I'm excited to think that the spreadsheet will get viewed by someone other than me).

In any case, when we were creating the "Studio Shadows" images (shown on the previous page), I didn't get the sense that we were making progress.  In retrospect, we did create some images that I like a lot, but I didn't feel that way in the moment.  So, we changed things up a bit.  I pulled out my favorite backdrop, adjusted the main light so that it wasn't coming from behind as much, and put Tiana on the floor.  I do like this light. 



I don't ask models to lie down often enough -- I do like what being horizontal does to a figure, and Tiana always looks exceptionally terrific in such poses.  She is always fit, and I do like the definition in her ribs & belly & hips. 

I'm also a fan of off-center compositions.  I like putting Tiana along the bottom of the image & balancing the image our subtly with the warm highlight on the backdrop in the upper right corner.

Below are some artistic variations, based on this image:





I am a fan of off-center compositions.  It gets tedious viewing images where the subject of interest is dead center -- I like giving the viewer's eyes a workout.  While I like the "weight" of the backdrop above Tiana, I think this composition is a little bit forced.  It's a bit unbalanced -- there is not much of interest at the top of the image, even if that interest is negative space. 


I am not real happy with the technical aspects of these images.  Specifically, I think the exposure is off a bit -- the highlights (the lightest areas of Tiana's skin) are a bit blown out.  Further, the colors have become bland -- I'm finding that if the exposure is off just a bit, the color saturation is off.

For this image, I've increased the color saturation to compensate.  It helps, but those highlights are still blown out.






Okay, this image gives me an idea about why the other images bother me a bit -- in the other images, I cut off Tiana's feet, and here, everything is included.  Further, the blown out highlights (on Tiana's face) are pretty obvious.



Tiana is, hands down, one of the best models I've had the pleasure of photographing.  Moreover, she is sweet, smart, and very easy to be around.  But sadly, I fell short this time -- my technical controls weren't tight enough, and I was too distracted by real world concerns to give this session my best efforts.  Still, there are a few good images from this session, so I'm happy. 


(Remember -- feedback is always appreciated) 

All images (c) 2014 Looknsee Photography

Tiana, Second Visit Out Takes

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