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Model Marathon, Part One

In May, 2004, I received two model travel notices from One Model Place. I contacted both models, fully expecting that I'd be able to connect with at best only one of them -- they were both very attractive & experienced & popular; I assumed that both would be very busy.  Both responded to me at about the same time, suggesting the same date for a sitting. 

I didn't want to arrange for a two-model sitting:  I had only a few ideas for working with two models, and frankly, two-model sittings are twice as expensive, but I did want to work with both of these models.  I decided to indulge myself, so I suggested that one model show up at 11:00, the second model show up at 1:00, the first model would leave at 2:00, and the second model would leave at 4:00 -- in other words, each model would be here for 3 hours, and their visit would overlap by an hour.  They agreed.

  • Part One:  The beautiful Brooke Sullivan (OMP model #67895) showed up at 11:00, and the pictures we did together are presented here.  We exposed 10 rolls of film in the two hours before the next model arrived.
  • Part Two:  The beautiful Victoria A. (OMP model #15020) showed up at 1:00, and the pictures all three of us made together were posted on June 23, 2004 and are available here.  We exposed only 3 rolls of film in the hour before Brooke left.
  • Part Three:  At 2:00, Brooke left, and for the next two hours, Victoria posed for me.  Together, we exposed 10 rolls of film.  These pictures are available here.

That next morning, I overslept two hours.  










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