During the work shown on the previous page, we set up & refined a lighting scheme that I really liked.  We got to the point where we were just repeating the exposures we had already made, so that was a signal that it was time for a change.  Our next change is the introduction of a standing mirror.  Because the lighting is coming from the sides, Jessica was lit from both the camera's perspective and the background's perspective, making this kind of image possible & interesting.  You get two Jessicas for the price of one!  


I've got to say that that making this image is a lot more difficult than it looks.  The challenges include:
  • Placing the mirror so that the figure isn't chopped off (implying that the camera position can't move).
  • Making sure the lighting in the mirror is interesting.
  • Making sure there isn't any distractions in the reflection (e.g. meaningful background).
  • Checking to make sure the model doesn't wander from her spot.
  • Ensuring that there is sufficient & appropriate depth of field (i.e. everything is in focus).

Try it sometime -- you'll see what I mean.


I find these images interesting, but they are more of a novelty than "high art".  They provide good exercises for deconstructing the lighting schemes.  Okay, let's go.





When I look at these images, Jessica reminds me a bit of Jennifer Gardner (of the TV show Alias). She has a tight, athletic body & a simmering sensuality to her face.  What do you think? 







An interesting setup, but its novelty wears off quickly.

This sitting continues with the Scarf Dance.


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