Still with me?  Good!  After the "Lean On Me" series, we take a quick break & change the setup.  We bring in a small side table & slide it under the backdrop, and we finally delete that troublesome hair light.  I also pull the main light back a bit & re-aim both the main & fill lights.  As a result, more light falls on the backdrop -- you can see it better here.     


Maybe if my presentation were slicker, I would save the best for last, but not here.  This one is my favorite from this setup and is one of my two favorites from the whole sitting.  This images was selected as a showcase image on One Model Place.

(If you read my FAQs, you'd know that a sitting is considered successful if both the model & I finish the sitting feeling respected and feeling that we had a good time; by all accounts, this was a successful sitting.  It's a bonus if we produce a good image during the sitting.  For this sitting, I think we produced quite a few good images, which makes this sitting rare).

I like asking models to twist -- I like the tension such unusual poses places on their muscles.  Jessica is just perfect for this -- she's lean, muscular, and flexible.



Better tonality in the scans, huh?  I think this is instructive to me.  The difference here is that the main soft box is a bit further away from the model, and both the main & the fill lights are allowed to brush the backdrop.  I'm liking these images.









At this point, I have exposed 10 rolls of film (10 exposures per roll).  I have a Jobo film processor that is capable of developing 10 rolls at once, so for me, a batch is 10 rolls or less; exposing an 11th roll would mean a second batch of film processing, and I hate to process a short batch.  

So, do we stop?  No -- I remember my digital camera.  Since the first 10 rolls went quickly (we had scheduled a 3 hour sitting, and so far we took less that 2.5 hours), we just switched cameras and continued.


(Looking at well lit color photographs is interesting, but I still prefer the B&W.  How about you?)







I've got to admit (grudgingly) that I like my digital camera.  It took a while for me to find an affordable one capable of firing my strobes (see my General FAQ for more information).  Yes, this particular camera has tons of setting & adjustments available, and I am using it set totally on manual (okay, I'm using the autofocus).  I think these images have nice color balance, and the camera has been greatly useful in previewing the lighting.   

We are all still energized & not wanting to bring this sitting to an end.  So, we continue... 

This sitting concludes in "The Shower"


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