During the previous setup (Table Top), we finished exposing 10 rolls of film (my film limit) but continued the sitting using the digital camera.  So here, on this page, I present my first setup totally recorded with a digital camera.


It's roughly true with film cameras that the better the quality, the bigger the negative has to be, and the bigger the negative, the bigger the camera.  My film camera is a 6x7 camera and is a bit large & heavy -- ideally, I need to put the camera onto a tripod (and the tripod is heavy because the camera is heavy).

Not necessarily so with digital cameras.  My camera is a 5 megapixel camera, yet it is the size of most point & shoot cameras.  That means that it can fit into tight situations that are just too crowded for the film camera.  I have a gorgeous, stone tiled shower & steamroom, and I've tried to work in there with film (with Lydia & with Leona), but those sittings didn't work real well.  So, I decide to try again with Jessica & the digital camera).  


Jessica's boyfriend was a great help.  I had to get into the shower, and he helped to maneuver the medium soft box to cover the opening to the shower; he then was outside the shower to flip the appropriate switches on the strobe power pack & to turn on and off room lights as needed.  Earlier on in this sitting, I ragged about single light source images, and this is a single light source (the medium soft box), but it provided an even, semi-directional light, and we didn't have shadowed areas of Jessica's figure disappearing into other shadows (which is the part about single light source images that I don't like).





My digital camera's zoom lens is set at its widest angle, which is causing a little distortion.  Can't be helped -- the steamroom, where we were, is large, but I can't make it larger.

This image, below, is my favorite from this setup:








Here's a posing note:  I don't like it when limbs are pointed directly towards the camera lens, as Jessica's shins are here.  I find that at best such poses are less than appealing, and at worst, the foreshortened limb can appear to be distorted.  

This is easily remedied -- I ask Jessica to turn her hips slightly. 






Another interesting thing about the digital camera is that you don't have to put your head behind the camera to look through its viewfinder -- you can use it's little LCD screen to get different angles & perspectives.  I'm getting older, and I'm losing flexibility -- it's difficult for me to get down to & up from the floor often, but with the LCD screen, I can position the camera at different angles without difficulty.  I should do that more. 

Well, that's it.  I hope you've enjoyed meeting Jessica as much as I did.  Let me know what you think.  When you are done looking at Jessica's pages, you may be interested in seeing Jessica's Digital Variations.



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