Justine, Captured, October, 2003

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I photographed Justine a few month's back, and we had a very good time working together.  Justine is a model with few limits, and she has enjoyed doing some bondage modeling in the past.  I had recently completed a two model bondage photo session, and I wound up with more rolls of film that I could process in one batch.  So rather than clean up my basement & develop a short batch, I invited Justine to come by, take off her clothes, and get tied up.    


So, here are some images from this short session.







Something you might not notice, but these images are slightly larger than the scans from previous sittings.  I'd appreciate feedback:  do you prefer the larger size, or is the previous size sufficient?  (These images are 500 pixels tall, for the vertically orientated images; I have been making these kinds of images 450 pixels tall.  Unless I hear otherwise, I think I'll go back to the 450 size -- my web site exceeded its 15GB download bandwidth limit this month (for the first time), and I don't want to pay more to increase that limit).  



There's a lot to like in this sitting:

  • Foremost, Justine is just plain fun to be around,
  • and she has a terrific, flexible, and youthful body.
  • I'm liking this lighting.  There is a strong, hard main light (strobe in a 6" reflector) to the right & behind the camera position, and another hard light behind the model & off to the left of the camera position.  I like the interplay of light & shadows on her torso.  Justine's muscular body works very well for this kind of lighting.



jr2012.jpgSame main light, different camera position.  The secondary light had been adjusted so that the post & Justine's back are barely lit.  (Actually, a good idea, but I suspect we could have tolerated a bit more light to define the shapes and to highlight the actual restraints on Justine's wrists).

The result is very dramatic.  I like this image a lot.  This is one of my favorites from this sitting. 

In general, I shy away from lighting faces with strong, hard light like this, but I'm not thinking that maybe I should break that habit.  I know that hard light on lean, athletic bodies often works real well, and with care, the same light can work quite well on faces.  Note:  you do have to be careful about hard light on faces, to avoid unattractive or even disturbing shadows, but it's hard to find a bad angle when photographing Justine.








I am aware that I don't often photograph models' backs.  It's not because I don't like backs -- I do, a lot.  It's just that I like talking with the model, carrying on a conversation that is consistent with the mood of the images we are making, and it's hard to do that when the model's back is turned.

But Justine has an exceptional back -- she has strong shoulders, great symmetry, a narrow waist, and nice muscles on her arms, neck, back, butt, and legs.  So, I force myself to break my "face the model" habit for a couple of exposures like this one. 



Some more images.





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