Page created March 7, 2004

I've been busy, Leona's been busy, but somehow, we decide to get together for a visit & a quick sitting.  A typical sitting lasts 3 hours & 10 rolls of film; we had time for a 2 hour, 7 roll sitting.  Yet, it was great getting together.

Now, I get nervous before a sitting.  I like to have a few ideas about what I'm going to try to do beforehand, and I set up the living room & lights well in advance.  She arrives late afternoon on a rare sunny & cold January day.  We enter the living room, and I'm struck by the wonderful sunny winter window light (like from bonus pictures from October, 2002).  This time, with the canvas background, we have interesting shadows to start our sitting.












I like pictures like this one -- clearly, we were having a good time, and that's the whole idea, isn't it?  

And here are one of the digital images I made to test the lighting.  What do you think of Leona's new hair color?




This sitting continues with some Studio Lighting.


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