Page created April 2, 2004

Although we didn't discuss it at the time, I got the sense that we weren't "feeling" the fetish posing that day.  We eased away from it a bit, with these images.  I freed Lydia's legs & removed her blindfold, for these last few fetish images.

I also played a bit with the lighting, creating more interesting chiaroscuro (my new favorite word -- look it up if you need to).  For those interested in technical details -- we have a softbox to the side and a bit behind the model casting the main light, and a harsher light on the opposite side (and a bit behind) for a fill light.  On some of these, I might have added a hair light, a light directly behind the model pointed towards the camera.      









This one, above, is a favorite from this sitting.







(I thought you might want to see one of the color digital proofs we made for this setup) 


Okay, good things were happening, and I realized that we really weren't doing fetish photography any more.  So, we removed the collar & cuffs and simply worked with the fine art lighting we fell into.

For some reason, we were both quiet.  Like many good models, Lydia constantly moved around, showing me different angles for my selection.  When I saw her back, I decided that we'd finish the session with back pictures.

This sitting concludes in "A Fine Back"


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