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Sitting date:  March 20, 2006

In mid-March, 2006, I hosted our Second Annual Get-Together for local models & artist.  Like last year, about 50 folks showed up, and like last year, the award for the greatest distance traveled goes to Yulia.  This time, she arranged to spend the night in my guest room, and in the morning after, she & I had a quick, informal sitting. 
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Okay, I admit that I like to plan my sittings quite a bit, and I like to set up my specific concepts carefully.  This time, however, I was distracted by the party & didn't plan anything.  Fortunately, I had worked with Yulia twice before, and fortunately, she's an absolute angel & very easy to get along with.  So, to a larger extent, we winged it, and we made some different images.  Hope you like them. 


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Yulia #3 Out Takes

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