Carlotta, 1st Visit, January 2008

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Page created July 18, 2008
Sitting date: 
January 28, 2008

There is a small, select group of woman who are successful as traveling models.  Within the worldwide community of photographers, these women are well known, mostly because of the wonderful pictures of them that float around the modeling sites in particular and the Internet in general.  Of these women, Carlotta is one of the best.  Her resume is the most impressive I've seen, and I've been a fan of her images for a long time.  

When she announced travel plans for our city here, I was amongst the first to request a sitting.  I couldn't keep Carlotta to myself -- I asked Jessica to photograph Carlotta with me.

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Between Jessica & I, we worked Carlotta very hard, but throughout, she was terrific.  She was supportive & fun, and I like how she challenged our creativity.  She's a top traveling model for a reason.


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Carlotta, First Visit Out Takes

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