Sarah, First Visit, November 2009

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Page created January 11, 2010
Sitting date:  November 6, 2009

The planets aligned, allowing me to take advantage of two rare things:
  1. I love making images lit by my favorite window, but in the months of shorter days in the Pacific Northwest, strong sunlight is very rare.
  2. Models come here from all over, but I did find one, Sarah, who is only a 5 minute walk away from my home.

So, we discussed it.  If we get a rare day of sunlight, we would try to get in touch with each other to see if Sarah could hustle over here for a quick, one-setup sitting in that window light.  After a couple of tries, we got together for an early November session.

Additional images from this sitting are available in the Out Take Galleries.  (You will need a username & password to access the Out Takes Galleries -- see this FAQ question for more information). 







I've been making photographs here in the light from my favorite widow since the summer of 2002.  Click here for a sampling of my favorite pictures from this window.



Sarah deserves a special thanks for dropping everything at a moment's notice & hustling over to take advantage of some rare Autumn sunlight.


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All images (c) 2010 Looknsee Photography

Sarah, First Visit Out Takes

Nearly 50 more images from this sitting are available in the Out Takes Galleries, which are available to those who have made a donation to the upkeep of this web site.  See this FAQ question for more details.