Trishii:  Studio Light

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Page created  January 28, 2013
Sitting date:  October 20, 2012


Trishii is a terrific & attractive model, but I've found that working with the ambient light has been frustrating despite yielding very interesting results (on occasion).  I was anxious to get Trishii under my studio lighting.  This is pretty simple -- we dragged the big comfy chair over to the other side of the room, set up the big honkin' softbox (4'x6') with a little highlight light behind the chair and a hair light (whish you can't really see right now).   




There are lots of photographers who seem to think that cropping images is wrong or cheating.  Not me.  I often crop images.  Here's a case in point -- the image above is pretty much full frame.  I like images that include space around the model, and that was what I was thinking when I made the exposure.  But in this case, the full frame image just didn't justify all the empty space, so I experiment with cropping closer to Trishii.  The image below is the result. 




Trishii has an intensely direct look in many of these images.  She is quite comfortable in front of the camera.





I have to admit that I'm loving the big honkin' softbox -- it provides such nice window-like light.  It does nice things for skin, figures, and textures.  If you place the softbox close, you can still get some nice shadows which provide a three dimensional "feel" to the image (and bonus, the living room, while large, is barely large enough for that big softbox).

That dreamy, far-away look is kinda compelling, too, huh?









I believe that Trishii cultivates that tussled hair look; I believe that she washes her hair only once a week to get that look.  On her it looks great, but I don't think I'd be happy going a whole week without washing my hair.  Of course, nowadays, my hair (at least, the part that I have left) is buzz cut short.



I did ask Trishii to lean forward for a few exposures, and the image, above, is my favorite.  These images are so casual that they feel intimate.  That intimate feel was the objective.




I had planned to move to a little-used alcove for the final setup, but when I opened the roman blind covering my favorite window, some lovely light was revealed.  So we made some more exposures in that light -- those images are also included in the second half of the previous page.  After that, we finished the session in the alcove.

In The Final Alcove


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All images (c) 2013 Looknsee Photography

Trishii, First Visit Out Takes

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