Karina, March, 2001
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Karina -- The Care & Feeding Of Models

Updated October 27, 2013


As you might be able to tell from my web site, I've worked with Karina more often than any other model.  She has amazing eyes, a terrific figure, and a face that makes men lose I.Q. points.  Moreover, we now have a relationship that I'd call "tweener".  With most models, I have a good working relationship, but typically that means that we get together for a sitting, have a good time during the sitting, treat each other with respect, and part ways at the end of the session.  We might touch bases every once in a while, like when I put a page up or volunteer to provide the model with a print or two of her choice, if she's interested.  Karina & I are buddies -- we've gone out to dinner a couple of times, caught a movie, and I've seen her perform with her dance troupe.  So, we are friends, not lovers but friends.  That's what "tweener" means to me.  

Let me tell you that that makes doing photography together even more interesting & fun.  So, when I decided to squeeze in one last sitting before my move to Oregon, I asked Karina to sit for me.  She asked what kind of photos we'd be making, and I requested that we try to do sexy pictures.   Such is her personality, but nothing makes Karina look sexier than when we work with handcuffs.  So, due to popular demand (and more importantly due to our personal inclinations), we work with light bondage for nearly all of the pictures we make.

ko2001-01.jpg I ask Karina to bring some dark bra & panties, and I promise her that we'll get her out of them shortly.  I've been liking these posing in front of the mirror lately -- I started doing this with Tatyana.  I like the challenge of lighting well from the front & the back, and I like to subtlety of seeing only a hint of the handcuffs in the reflection.   

It's great photographing someone you know.  I thought it would be weird, but as you will see, we really got into the extreme mood of these photos.

So, instead of describing the sitting, let's enter our fantasy world.



I ask my slave to show me her bonds:

ko2001-03.jpg   ko2001-02.jpg

My slave is eager to please me.  I ask to see her magnificent breasts.  I am kind to my slave; for her comfort, I move her restraints from behind her back to in front of her.

ko2001-04.jpg   ko2001-05.jpg   ko2001-06.jpg

I am pleased by what I see, and Karina wants more.  She yearns to be dominated -- you can see it in her face.  She wonders what will happen next, but I am in no hurry to tell her.  I watch her carefully.



I order my slave to appear naked before me.

"Remove my panties?", she asks.


"That may be difficult to do in these handcuffs."  Is she hesitant?  I don't care.  "Remove your panties", I demand.  Karina submits to my will.  She catches her breath, and slowly slides her panties down.

It takes several minutes, during which I don't dare to breathe.





My obedient slave!  She is naked before me.  She knows she must please me if she is to get those handcuffs removed.  Does she feel the pleasure that I feel as I behold her exposed loveliness?  I bid my slave to lie on the blanket with me, and I position the mirror to allow her to see what I see.  I demand that my slave expose herself for me.

ko2001-15.jpg     ko2001-16.jpg

Her skin demands to be touched.  She is open & vulnerable before me.  Heat radiates from her body.  I allow her to touch herself.  Does she do this for me or for herself?  She gauges my reaction.

ko2001-17.jpg     ko2001-19.jpg


I am elevated above her.




But, no, this is wrong.  I do not wish to be removed from my slave.  I want to be with her, and I want her attention.

ko2001-25.jpg   ko2001-26.jpg

ko2001-24.jpg   ko2001-23.jpg

What is she thinking, my lovely slave?  Do I have her undivided attention?  Will she surrender to me?  We are together on the blanket -- I demand that she kneel for me.





My slave, my lovely slave.  I release her from her bonds.  She pleases me so. ko2001-31.jpg



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