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Sitting date:  August 17, 2005

My favorite model, Jessica (first sitting, second sitting), is a fine photographer in her own right, but as a starving college student, she can't afford models often.  We decide to share models during her summer visit with her folks.  Yulia was our first shared model, less than two weeks earlier.  Next, the fabulous Betcee May comes through town & agrees to pose for the two of us.  
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When Betcee first came through town, we had a great time together, but I had all sorts of technical problems.  In fact, my digital camera refused to fire off the strobes, and that got so frustrating that I mis-set the film camera's exposure.  Betcee was interested in getting a digital camera, and since she wasn't going to be using it for studio strobe photography, I gave my camera to her in exchange for a future half day's worth of modeling.  This trip through town satisfies that agreement.

Jessica was very interested in working with Betcee, so I proposed to Betcee that Jessica & I would share her modeling.  Betcee's response:  "that's okay with me as long as I get a chance to photograph Jessica, too!".  Hence, we had an all day photo orgy -- three made exposures, but only two got naked.

Photographers:  if you want to get better, work with better models.  (Also, models:  if you want to get better, work with better photographers.)





Betcee, Second Visit, August, 2005; Back Home, Can't Stop

Back Home, Can't Stop

Note:  as a special treat, both Betcee & Jessica have consented to post some of their images from this sitting here.  They are included at the end of this page, or click here for a shortcut to them.



We started as soon as Betcee woke up & Jessica arrived, and we didn't stop until hunger drove us to a late dinner.  Too much fun! 


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Betcee #2 Photo Orgy Out Takes

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