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Sitting date:  August 5, 2005

My favorite model, Jessica (first sitting, second sitting), is a fine photographer in her own right, but as a starving college student, she can't afford better models.  We decide to share models during her summer visit with her folks, and Yulia consents to be our first shared model.  Photographers:  if you want to get better, work with better models.  (Also, models:  if you want to get better, work with better photographers.) 
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Yulia, Second Visit, August, 2005; On Location, Nude

On Location, Nude

Note:  as a special treat, Jessica has consented to post three of her images of Yulia from this sitting here.  They are included at the end of this page, or click here for a shortcut to them.



What an exciting & tiring day!  I've got to admit that after this sitting, I got home, drank four large glasses of water, and fell asleep in my big comfy chair before 8:00pm.

It is/was good of me to get out of the studio for a little while & provide Jessica with a sitting that was hopefully as good for her as it was for me.  Yulia is a terrific model.  Not only does she have a wonderful figure, she has a unique look and she really knows how to pose. 


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Yulia #2 Out Takes

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