Best of 2013

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This time of year is ideal for reflection.  Appearing on this page are my favorite images first posted in 2011 & 2012 (I don't know why I forgot posting a "best of 2011" page)..  For an interesting perspective, you can also see my favorite images from previous years -- it's humbling to see how I've progressed. 

Thanks for your support.



2013 was a challenging year for me personally & for Looknsee Photography.  In particular, this site was implemented with Microsoft's FrontPage -- and since this site has been around for nearly 20 years, it has grown to be huge.  Transitioning from FrontPage to a web standard site is exceedingly difficult -- this site is about as nimble as a beached whale.  If you are interested in the sad tale, you can read all about it in the bloggish page:  Farewell To FrontPage.

2013 also contained a resolution to use more local models -- indeed, 75% of the 2013 sessions were with local models.

But overall, 2013 was a slow year for photography, mostly because of external distractions.  I'm hoping to be more productive in 2014.



From Trishiis First Visit
(Trishii was a well-known NYC model; when traveling through town, her lodging arrangements fell through, so she stayed here).











From Veronica & The Micro-Workshop
(I invite Veronica over to model for myself & 3 other photographers -- this was an opportunity to show the other photographers how to use the studio strobes).
(Not the best work, & Veronica deserves better, but it was nice to give the photographers a taste of studio work).










From SageBell's First Visit














From Desiree's First Visit














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