Trishii, First Visit, October 2012

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Page Created  January 28, 2013
Sitting date:  October 20, 2012


Lots of newbie photographers have questions about how to find & deal with models.  I always advice them:  Assume that every model you meet will, in turn, talk with every other model in the world.  Case in point:  Trishii.  She was coming through town at a time when I couldn't afford to hire models.  Her lodging plan fell through, so she talked with her model acquaintances who recommended me.  She gave me a call & offered to pose for me in exchange for lodging for a few days.  I agreed.  

Additional images from this sitting are available in the Out Take Galleries.  (You will need a username & password to access the Out Takes Galleries -- see this FAQ question for more information on the Out Takes). 

Big Comfy Chair Start


Cool Back Stairs Light


Favorite Window Light


Studio Lighting


In The Final Alcove

Trishii is a striking model.  I look forward to a return visit. 


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Trishii, First Visit Out Takes

Roughly 90 more images from this sitting are available in the Out Takes Galleries, which are available to those who have made a donation to the upkeep of this web site.  See this FAQ question for more details.