Best of 2014

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The end of the year is a great time for reflection.  2014 was a quiet year for me, photographically, but I did meet some new folks, made some fun images, and even found a new "artistic effect".  Check out my "Best Of" pages, including my most recent one.

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Photographically, 2014 was a quiet year for me, but behind the scenes, it was quite busy.  For one thing, I've finally let Microsoft Front Page go -- it was just behaving old & unreliably, so I had to let it go.  I resisted the temptation of jumping onto the Dreamweaver bandwagon.  Dreamweaver is the industry leader, and it was tempting, but it is very complex with a steep learning curve, it is robust (much more robust than I need), and it is very expensive.  Instead, I downloaded a shareware version of the obsolete Microsoft Expression Web, and I attempted to use it to convert my website into something more industry standard (with thousands of pages and tens of thousands of images, this was no small feat).  I don't much like Expression Web -- it's kinda clunky and using it is not very intuitive, but I'm limping along with it.

Otherwise, 2014 didn't see too many photographic sessions, but I did meet some new faces (and bodies).  I hope to see them again in 2015.




From Desiree's First Visit















From Tiana's Second Visit






A favorite!







From Sarah's Kissing Session





I've found a new "artistic effect", called "airbrush & ink".  It is quickly becoming a favorite.











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