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Sitting date:  October 15, 2005


If you make nude photographs long enough, you'll run into a model who is willing, interested, and enthusiastic about making more erotic photographs.  I do "fine art nude" photography 90% of the time, but I'm not opposed to trying my hand at more erotic images once in a while, but I don't make the more explicit stuff available to the general public.  Such erotic imagery is posted in the secret galleries

Justine was interested in more erotic posing -- she & I worked together a few times around 2003 (first sitting, second sitting, third sitting).  In fact, she participated in a boy-girl sitting with her boyfriend -- this was the most erotic sitting I had done to date.  After that sitting she got busy with school & work, and she stopped modeling for a while.  This summer, our paths crossed, and she indicated that she was interested in doing some more modeling, and in fact, she suggested that she'd be interested in trying a girl-girl sitting.

Unfortunately, she didn't have a posing partner to recommend -- we went on a search without success.  This is until I heard that Nicole was coming back through town.  Nicole is a traveling model, and she also posed for me in 2003.  She & her roommate did an erotic fetish sitting for me that was my best girl-girl sitting to date.

When I suggested that these two beautiful models pose together, they agreed enthusiastically.

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These are the more mild images.




My instructions to the two models:
  • Respect each other's limits.  We were practicing "safe sex".
  • I'd give general directions; it was up to the model to make it real.
  • Keep their hands moving.
  • At the end of the day, I wanted their lips to be sore from all the kissing.  (When I said this, Nicole gave me a thumbs-up sign).



The action was very hot this whole sitting, but perhaps the most arousing thing happened early.  I was messing with the digital camera, trying to remember the obscure settings necessary to get it to fire the studio strobes without firing the camera's internal flash.  While I was doing this, the models were chatting & giggling, but after a few moments, they got quiet.

I looked up to see the two models kissing passionately.  I got the camera ready quickly.








There are a lot of challenges to erotic photography:
  • How do you make the images feel "real"?
  • How do you light two people who are typically facing each other, and do so in an interesting way?
  • How do you manage to make the sitting comfortable for all participants (including myself)?
  • It's even challenging to find two compatible & enthusiastic models.



Both models are very beautiful.  Both are incredibly sexy.  Both were enthusiastic.  Both were uninhibited.  I've attempted a couple of these sittings where the models just sat there, pressed against each other, and waiting for me to release the shutter.  These two enjoyed themselves and were both generous in giving the other model pleasure.  They far exceeded my expectations.






I am not overly comfortable posting my more erotic photography.  I think of myself as a fine art photographer, and many of the models I work with would never pose this way.  I want to be known for my fine art photography.  Thus, I put the erotic stuff in the secret galleries.  (Click here to learn more about the secret galleries.)


The action was non-stop, and with such inspiring subject matter, I made tons of exposures (almost 500) -- much more than I usually do.  Most of these exposures are X-rated, and as such will not be shown here on this page that is available for the general public.  Trust me -- the action got more explicit than these images here.





I didn't have to work hard during the sitting.  Occasionally, I encouraged Nicole & Justine to fine a new position, and when they did, they found ways to kiss each other.

I've seen my share of erotic photography, but to me, kissing is so intimate -- a photograph of a kiss is the ultimate erotic image.


Finally, time was up.  I think we were all reluctant to end the sitting.  As I put away the camera, Nicole & Justine shared one last lingering embrace.





An explicit erotic sitting is about 100 times more difficult than a fine art sitting.  It is especially challenging to find compatible & enthusiastic models, and even if you do, you don't always get great chemistry.  It is a challenge to manage everyone's comfort levels (including the photographer's).  Finally, the best sittings are when the models stop posing and start pleasing each other.

This sitting far exceeded my expectations.  I think it was my hottest sitting ever. 



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There are hundreds of images from this sitting in the secret galleries; many of these images are much more explicit than these.  See this FAQ question for more details about the secret galleries.

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