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I am an advanced amateur fine art photographer, living in Portland, Oregon.  This site is how I share my photography and experience with all of you.


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If all goes well, you are looking at a partially re-launched version of the Looknsee Photography web site.  Converting from a Front Page web to a standards based web site is a significant issue, due to the learning curve, poor documentation, and the vast size of this site.

No doubt there are errors.  If you find one, you can use this link to report the problem to us.  Your help is appreciated.

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  • If you are underage, or if artistic nude images offend you or your community, please stay away from the nude galleries.  The non-nude galleries are rated "G" and are worth a visit.

  • Feedback is always appreciated.  Use the "Contact Looknsee" link to drop me a line.

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Enjoy, everyone!

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