Looknsee's California Nude Photo Galleries


Looknsee's California Nude Photo Galleries

Page last updated October 27, 2013 


In late April, 2001, I moved from California to Oregon.  This page displays the work done in California.  You may also enjoy the Oregon Gallery, which contains the newer images.



ko2001-09s.jpgKarina -- The Care & Feeding Of Models

(Last California Sitting)

March, 2001





(February, 2001)



Karina & Alana's December Sitting

(December, 2000)



(December, 2000)


New model from L.A.:  Cameron
August 24, 2000

Karina's Friend, Alana
September 17, 2000

The String Thing Project
Updated February 17, 2001


Lately, I've had to privilege of working with two excellent professional models.  I've been alternating sittings with these two:




Veronica -- The Lost Photos



Michelle's Torso My Favorite Model, Michelle. She's sweet & lovely. She's shy & bold. She's awkward; she's graceful. She is intriguing. She is inspiring. She is everything I want in a model.


Veronica and Towel Another Favorite, Veronica Veronica, a local dancer, posed only once for me. She loved the pictures (and was able to obtain over 30 prints from me!). Alas, posing for her is a "mood thing", and I haven't since caught her in the proper mood since these photos were made.


Torso Collection Torso Fascination! I make some torso pictures with nearly every model. Here is a collection of my favorites. Some of these pictures also appear in other galleries; others are unique to this gallery.


Alicia Even More Nudes! Here's a collection of other nude photographs. Meet Alicia (pictured here), Cyndall, Lexus, Mindy, Renee, and others.


Twisted VeronicaMy latest stuff. 
Olivia.  Pictures scanned November 7, 1997
Anna's gallery, scanned March 22, 1998
Valerie's gallery, scanned May 25, 1998
Mindy's Gallery, December 19, 1998
Toni's Gallery, scanned January 10, 1999


In TouchErotic Stuff My most explicit photographs. I usually don't do much erotic photography, but sometimes the models are inspired. And when they are inspired, so am I!

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