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Last updated Sunday, October 27, 2013

These are the pictures made from the second sitting with Barbara (don't forget to visit her own website).  

I always look forward to the second sitting.  During the first sitting, I'm just getting acquainted with the model.  Before I met Barbara, I saw a lot of pictures of her from her website, but it isn't until that first sitting that I got a sense of her style.  Barbara is an excellent model -- she is very beautiful, she has a world-class figure, and she is very open to all srtistic ideas..  But I like to get a feel for the model's natural inclinations, and together we can go in that direction.

For the second sitting, I had three basic concepts for the photographs we'd make, and the photos presented on this page represent my first idea.  I wanted to create sensuous pictures with Barbara, because that's a big part of her nature.  To do so, we started our sitting with textures against skin.



This is all Barbara.  She got the sense of the images we were making, and she offered me this pose.  

It's easy to pretend that the camera is your eye, but some pictures, like this one (and the first one on this page), makes me think of the camera as my hand.  I get a sense of touch from these pictures, and that's why I like it.

During the first sitting, I had Barbara standing all day long.  For our second sitting, I wanted to break some of my habits and try some new images.  Hence, this unusual angle.  Barbara understood the feeling I was trying to achieve, and she did a wonderful job in pulling it off.

I love the geometry of this -- I've got to do more like this.

One last picture from this first lighting set-up.  This is a good transition picture to the second set-up,

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