Barbara -- Fourth Sitting
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Last updated Sunday, October 27, 2013

Some times, when I work with amateur or traveling models (like Veronica & Cameron, respectively), I only get one sitting to work with them.  But when I work with professional models, like Barbara and Karina, I get the privilege of working with them multiple times.  I prefer the multiple-sitting experiences, because I can work on improving the images made during the previous sitting.  Barbara, one of my favorites, came over the second week in October for our fourth sitting together.

One immediate advantage of working with someone multiple times is that you feel more comfortable experimenting.  I'm happy to say that our first roll was an experiment for us -- we made several exposures outside in my neighborhood.  I'm also happy to say that that first roll wasn't successful -- the concept was good, Barbara was lovely (as usual), but I had set up my camera a bit too far away.  I don't know exactly when it happened, but somewhere as I got older, I was too afraid of failure to attempt ideas outside my comfort level.  That's a bad habit for an artist.  Barbara gave me confidence to try -- I'm sure we'll try again, and hopefully do better the next time.



bc4009.jpgThe Stool:  After our outdoor exposures, we returned inside to work in my studio.  Barbara liked this, because it was warm in the studio, and I had some specific ideas I wanted to try.  The first one resulted from my thinking that I always stayed a constant distance from my models.  I wanted to get a bit closer.

So, I gave Barbara the challenge of perching on top of a stool, a departure from the more comfortable posing box.  Balancing on top of the stool (I insisted that her legs didn't dangle) was a bit of a distraction.  It's a bit devilish of me, but I like to keep models occupied when I photograph them.

Here are some more pictures from the stool:


bc4007.jpg   bc4005.jpg

bc4006.jpg   bc4003.jpg


Staying Close On The Posing Box:  I wanted some more horizontal poses, so we moved to the posing box.  I like the some of Barbara's figure is in shadow, against a mid-toned background.  That creates a nice curved line that defines her wonderful figure.



This last picture (above) is exactly what I was looking for -- a subtle shadow defining her figure.  I especially like how that shadow defines her back.

bc4014.jpgI wish I could describe what happens in a modeling session, especially a nude one.  Someday, I'll write a three-act play, with each act being a different modeling session. 

Sometimes, a model remains distant & unaffected by the experience.  Usually, such sessions are disappointing to me -- I like to see a connection between the model & photographer in the resulting pictures.  When that happens, the model usually isn't invited back.  

But on special occasions, I get to interact with a real person.  I think it takes a lot of courage to pose nude.  During the session, I'm always respectful, and I do everything I can to make the model comfortable.  

After a few sessions with Barbara, I think we've become very comfortable with each other.  Sure, Barbara has a world class face & figure, but her real strength as a model is her ability to be open & generous & connected with the photographer.  Our relationship, and the images we've created together, is not sexual or romantic or glamorous, but there is a special & unique kind of intimacy after a few sittings and several conversations.  And I love when that happens -- that human-to-human connection is why I photograph people.  

"Nude" = "Naked" = "Vulnerable".  This day's conversation was a little intense & personal.  This resulted in some intense images.   Above is the one I'll share on this web page.


Here's a couple of high light pictures, our next set-up. 

bc4015.jpg   bc4018.jpg



Above Barbara:  I've been wanting to make photos like this for a little while.  The concept is simple -- Barbara lies on a blanket on the floor, there's the big soft box on one side, and a bulb with small reflector on the other side, and I stand on a step stool & photograph her from above.




Barbara has it all -- a world class figure, fine skin (which I think are shown well in these pictures), and on top of all that, she moves real well.  


The Final Set-Up:  I liked this lighting from ground level, too.  So, I left the lights alone, crawled on the floor, and made these final exposures.  





There are a couple of Barbara on
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