Page first posted April 2, 2004

Lydia comes from Seattle, a 3 hour drive away from my home here in Portland, Oregon.  Whenever she comes to or through town, we like to try to work together.  She visited the area in early March, and we made arrangements to work together.

Lydia does a lot of posing for fetish photography -- she is comfortable being nude & bound in front of the camera.  (Well, maybe not exactly "comfortable", but she is enthusiastic -- some of those poses I've seen her do are anything but "comfortable"!)   I love indulging my fetish fantasies when she comes to town.  I had recently done a lot of work in my "dungeon" (see the Veronika and the Justine & Skye sittings), so I thought we would work in my living room.  Space is tight in the basement, and working in the living room allows us to try some "fine art" lighting for fetish posing. 

But the realities of life & its minuscule catastrophes were effecting us.  We started doing some fine fetish photography, but as the sitting progressed, we strayed from fetish posing and undertook some more fine-art photography.  At the end, we made some of the best back pictures I've ever done.











This sitting is a good example of an important principle.  You can (and should) plan & anticipate a sitting, but you should also be prepared to abandon those plans if circumstances warrant it.  I don't think either of us were really "feeling it" when we were doing our fetish photography, but when we moved on to more traditional fine art posing, we made some fine images.  Lydia is a terrific model, and it's always a joy to work with her -- I'm quite happy with these images.  What do you think?


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